12 May 2016

The lavendin dried flowers in Provence

Let us introduce one of our product from range drid flowers and dried bunches.

The crop of lavendin dried flowers is in July / August.
The flowers is directcly cut in fields  in loose or harvested wreath (gerbe in french : package stems with spur in same way).
Then the fres flower is spead outside to dry, it’s returned regulary to dried correctly on each side.
After dried step the seeds are separate from stems with a ‘moissonneuse batteuse” (havested combine material).
Final step before package, most of impurities and rest of stems are eliminated with a “sasseur” (material that do vibration to let fall impurities). And package in bag of 20 kg, 25 kg or 30 kg.
The flower has a long shelf life in good conservation way, in a dried place and no direct sunlight.

©cassan sas

It’s soon “wedding season” don’t hesitate to bring a Provence and original touch ! For smell bags manufacturer or other products with lavendin it’s the product that you need !


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