100% PURE and NATURal

The CASSAN family remain the primary suppliers of essential oils for CASSAN, however, due to increasing demand, we have created a reliable supplier network of producers mainly from the region where essential oils are produced (Alphes-de-Haute-Provence, Drôme, Vaucluse).

Range and packing

Conventional and biological crops

Our relations with our suppliers are based on confidence and know-how. We also work with analysis laboratories to regularly check products supplied by our producers.
Some of these producers still use traditional harvesting techniques and distillations to obtain quality oils such as Lavender Fine AOP (“Protected Designation of Origin”). Today, these techniques are complemented by more advanced methods which ensure a faster harvest whilst maintaining the highest quality. This evolution allows production to be more competitive on the industrial market: washing liquid, detergent…

From traceability to marketing

Concerning our organic essential oils we are a certified distributor by certification body ECOCERT. Certificates and licenses are provided systematically during the sale. We work on the market with certified Organic producers.
Our certifications :
ECOCERT : “Raw material certified by ECOCERT Greenlife in accordance with the ECOCERT Greenlife standards for Natural and Organic Cosmetics, available on cosmetiques.ecocert.com”
CENSO : For several years the entire perfume plant industry has acted in a quality and sustainable development approach. As such, we are a part of the CENSO approach, a registered CIHEF (Inter trade Committee for French Essential Oils) trademark.

Lavender and Lavandin

These two species, though quite different, are usually mistaken for each other.

True lavender is an original species whilst lavandin is a hybrid- it was created after crossing true lavender and spike lavender.

When you walk in the region you can see true lavender plants scattered along the road side. Lavender is propagated from seed while lavandin is propagated from cuttings.

Visually, a field of lavender is totally different to a field of lavandin. Each lavender grain grows a different plant, leading to a variety of colours and irregular spikes. On the other hand, fields of lavandin are totally homogeneous, with more voluminous sprigs, longer stems and a violet colour.

Lavandin essential oil
(lavandula angustifolia X Latifolia)
Generally, different varieties of lavandin are used for washing liquid, detergent and other goods.
Lavender essential oil
(lavandula augustifolia)
Lavender is mainly used in perfumes and aromatherapy.

Range and packing


Lavender :

  • Lavender Fine
  • Lavender Maillette
  • Lavender A.O.P (“Protected Designation of Origin”)
  • Other clonal lavender

Lavandin :

  • Lavandin Abrial
  • Lavandin Sumian
  • Lavandin Grosso
  • Lavandin Super

Packing :

  • 25 kg (barrel)
  • 50 kg (barrel)
  • 100 kg (barrel)
  • 200 kg (barrel)
  • … up to 900 kg pal box


Retail customers

Lavander :

  • Popular Lavender or “Fine Lavender”
  • Lavander Maillette
  • Lavender A.O.P (“Protected Designation of Origin”)

Lavandin :

  • Lavandin Grosso
  • Lavandin Super


  • Patchwork of 8 bottles of your choice (30ml/bottle)
  • 1 kg can
  • 5 kg can


Sauge sclarée
Other essential oils

Lavender and lavandin are not the only essential oils produced in Provence. Historically clary sage is also part of the traditional production zone.

The quality of clary sage essential oil varies depending on harvesting and distillation means, however there are 3 main methods:

To complete our range of essential oils we also propose the following species:

Thyme, savoury, juniper, cypress, oregano, tarragon, hyssop, rosemary…