The brand new Eden Ecosystem Company, founded by Benoit Cassan and Rémi Pulvérail, was inaugurated on Friday July 2, 2021 in Forcalquier.

Innovative technology:

Plant extraction 4.0

Eden Ecosystem is revolutionizing the plant extraction model thanks to a platform that combines innovation from green chemistry, integrated control of each sector and tailor-made development.

Mastery of the land and plants

Benoit Cassan, co-founder, brings his unique agricultural expertise to the implementation and monitoring of crops.

Coming from a family of farmers, Benoit cultivates his land in the heart of the Provençal region, in the town of Simiane la Rotonde.

Passionate about technique, he also directed for many years CRIEPPAM, the flagship of botanical research specializing in perfume plants.


The participants were warmly welcomed and discovered the premises of the Company located in Forcalquier.

An olfactory workshop was offered to them in order to awaken their senses to the wide aromatic spectrum offered by this new method of plant extraction.

A speech from the founders followed. With great emotion, Benoit Cassan thanked all the people who supported him in this large-scale project.